Last Tuesday was a monumental moment in American history. Our election day was nothing less than a shock to me, the pundits and the polls, but I suppose that’s what happens when the media spins the narrative of the election so severely.

There have been multiple nights of protests, hundreds of arrests, hundreds of assaults and thousands of tears shed over the results of this election.

Was I pleased with the outcome? Not particularly. Would I have been any more optimistic had Clinton won? Heck NO. But even though this election cycle was everything I did not want it to be, mainly a joke, we now have Donald Trump as our president-elect, and I for one honestly think we’re going to be okay. You don’t see me crying and begging for a safe space. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

On Wednesday of last week I posted a status to my personal Facebook and Twitter pages that went along the lines of, “Good morning America. We’re all still alive. None of you are actually going to move to Canada. The Republicans are not going to enslave minorities and women. We are going to survive.”

I got tons of likes, but I also was called names and told that my opinion doesn’t matter because of my privilege.

Whatever, if optimism right now is only the result of privilege, then there are a lot of persons of color who I personally know whose feelings of optimism must be null and void as well since they don’t align with the left.

But I will tell you something and this is fact, the people who are trying to silence me and everyone else who isn’t joining the protests are the number one reason why Trump is going to be our next president.

People are sick and tired of being told that they are wrong just because they have a dissenting opinion. There is no political engagement anymore, but instead the left tries to silence you and by writing us off immediately as racist, misogynist, Islamaphobic bigots, and this simply is not true.

If you cannot debate without calling someone names that you know don’t even accurately describe the person you are debating, then you need to do more political research and stop depending on hurling insults.

Were some of Trumps voters’ racist, yucky people? Of course some are, but not the vast majority, and you can say the exact same thing for the chunk of people who voted for Clinton.

People have gotten so tired of being told they are wrong, that they’re uneducated and deplorable for having a differing opinion, and this reason is exactly why we got the results that we did.

There isn’t a surprise here people. This election’s outcome is a direct result of the efforts over the past two years of the extreme left.

But now Donald Trump will become our 45th U. S. President in January, and although I seriously opposed him during the race to the White House, I now have to gather myself together and earnestly pray that he leads this nation successfully and with dignity.

Do I think he is capable? Yes, and in fact over the past few days, he has taken difference stances (imagine that) on some of the major issues he ran his campaign on such as his stance on LGBT rights and even abortion.

I think Trump will be surprisingly centrist, but I think the best thing to do now is wish him well and send out good vibes into the world, because clearly we need it.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.