A man has been officially charged in the shooting death of a Wayne State University police officer, Collin Rose.

The execution-style slaying happened on Nov. 22 in Detroit. During the past few weeks there has been a surge in the amount of police shootings. As of Nov. 21, four officers were shot within the week in ambush style attacks. There has been approximately a 64 percent increase in law enforcement officer shooting fatalities within the past year.

This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. The hateful rhetoric that has been flooding the mainstream media stating that police officers target and kill minorities has got to end. Whether you chose to believe this or not, it stands true that a vast majority of police officers have dedicated their lives to serving their communities and protecting their fellow citizens. There was an organized bike ride for Officer Rose in Detroit called the “Ride for Collin.”

DeAngelo Davis, the man who took Officer Rose’s life, took away a son, a friend and a coworker and ultimately changed the lives of many without thinking of any consequences other than possibly his own.

Police officers have an incredibly tough and unappreciated job. They are the ones who pull over the person driving while intoxicated who could kill you or a loved one on the road. They are the ones who respond to your house while an armed intruder could cause you and others harm. They are the ones who take sexual assault reports and comfort the victims of unspeakable crimes. They are the ones who sometimes instead of arresting a mother who is stealing from a store, buy her the groceries she needed but had no means to pay for them. They are the ones who step up to make our neighborhoods safe, but all that is seen is minority shootings.

People in every single profession make mistakes, but none are ever criticized as our police officers are.

Are there some bad apples? Of course.

But, the saying that one bad apple spoils the bunch holds no leverage in this case, as many police officers nationwide would and will denounce officer-involved shootings that are obviously hate driven.

Am I saying that these instances don’t matter? No, I am not.

I do feel for every person and family affected by shootings by the hand of police officers, because I care about people in general, but I will not sit here and believe that all police officers are bad people and condone this disgusting behavior that has been seen over the past year.

And I feel this way because I know better. I have enough common sense to not lump a group of people and demonize them based on the behavior of some. No matter what, we as humans have to do better.

Love and respect those around you. If we sent out as much love and positivity as we do hate and negativity, this world would be a much better place.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.