The Foreign Agents Registration Act may have landed our Democratic governor in hot water. Governor McAuliffe has found himself at the center of a federal investigation presumably regarding inappropriate foreign donations.

McAuliffe has stood firm in his claim that he has never lobbied for foreign governments, although some believe this is untrue.

According to several sources, the governor had ties to a company in the 90s that lobbied for several foreign countries. On top of this, McAuliffe was found to have received preferential treatment by a federal official when he was trying to get visas for his foreign investors of GreenTech Automotive.

All of these little tidbits of information have been released since the governor began being investigated.

Some people have even made a connection between Hillary Clinton and McAuliffe, claiming that Anthony Rodham, the brother of Hillary Clinton, ran a company that was partnered with the GreenTech visa applications.

I don’t know if the implication is that somehow money had been funneled into the Clinton Foundation via McAuliffe, but his connection to her brother through means of business, and Hillary herself through politics could be damning.

So much information has been spit out within the past week, and almost every article that I have come across has done an extremely good job of explaining what this investigation could include.

If the truth must be told, this is a very confusing investigation for me. In college, a lot of my classes revolved around foreign policy, but I never had the opportunity to study what happens here if someone in American government gets caught accepting foreign money illegally, or if someone is found to use their American political influence to help out a foreign nation without registering with FARA.

On top of trying to understand exactly how these investigations work, we really do not know which incident is being investigated.

The Justice Department has been tight-lipped and refuses to comment on what may or may not be going on.

Whatever is being investigated seems to be incredibly serious, but to make matters worse for McAuliffe, the Virginia GOP has begun taking steps to file a lawsuit against the governor and his executive action granting over 200,000 felons the ability to vote.

So not only has McAuliffe had complete disregard for federal law, he also has completely bypassed Virginia’s legislative and judicial branches and trampled our state constitution resulting in a lawsuit.

It seems to me that businessman turned politician Terry McAuliffe may see the end of his governing days soon. Whatever the end result may be, this should be taken note of, and people should begin to pay attention to whom they cast their vote for.