Many states in our country have been facing a dilemma that involves death row. Many prisons that perform the death penalty have been unable to obtain the ingredients needed for the lethal cocktail, which is the preferred method of euthanasia now.

Pharmacies and other labs have recently been refusing to sell the necessary chemicals because their names have been released, and they have since faced harsh protests.

State legislators have proposed a bill insisting that the electric chair be used when the lethal injection is not an option; however, our Governor Terry McAuliffe denied that request.

Instead, he proposed that we keep the names of the pharmacies and labs completely secret. Genius! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Oh wait, they have.

Many states have adopted similar laws and have been in court ever since due to some people believing that pharmacies should not be allowed to have complete exemption from the Freedom of Information laws, etc.

Basically those who oppose the death penalty feel the need to place the blame somewhere, so they place it on the pharmaceutical companies instead of the inmate who has clearly committed some sort of heinous crime.

McAuliffe has tweeted since that this is the “best path forward.”

At least the man is not trying to ban the death penalty like you know he wants to.

I think I may have an easier solution though. Bullets or the old fashion electric chair are quicker, more effective and cheaper to the state.

I already have a problem with supporting those who have received the death penalty, and I find it offensive that the state has to pay even more for these drugs that aren’t even being made readily available to them anymore.

When someone is put to death via the lethal injection, death occurs usually seven minutes after the initial dose of anesthetic. Seven minutes is a long time, when we could literally place them in a chair, strap electric nodules to their skull and leg and be done in milliseconds.

Better yet and even cheaper, let a firing squad take care of it, and the deed will be done within seconds as well.

Virtually every state that has the death penalty primarily uses lethal injection. Some states let the prisoner have the option between the injection and hanging, injection and chair, injection and firing squad, etc.

When a state cannot obtain the drugs needed for the lethal injection, many death row inmates’ death dates are long past, and they are just living the good life in prison. I would use another method then and there to ensure the victims and families of the victims get justice.

I just think there are quicker, cheaper and more efficient ways that we can carry out the death penalty, and a lot of times people forget about the horrific crimes that landed these people in this position.

They didn’t make their victims’ deaths easy and pain free, so why should the state be so worried about making their time of death as easy and painless as possible?