President-Elect Donald Trump ran on many different platforms during his campaign. Some he has back peddled from, like his stance on abortion, but some he has continued to push forward such as halting illegal immigration and scrapping Obamacare.

The public’s opinion of Obamacare is extremely divided, with about half of the population in favor of keeping and even expanding the ACA, while the other half is all for abolishing it.

For some, the ACA has worked, allowing people who have never been able to afford health care previously to do so.

On the flip side, many people now cannot afford their premiums, and competition between insurance agencies are at an all-time low thus driving up the prices since there aren’t really any other more affordable options.

Trump and his team have vowed to scrap as much of the ACA as possible, which I think is a fairly good idea. They will have to replace it with something, and that is where I get nervous.

What kind of ideas will he come up with? Does he realize that millions of people will become uninsured again during this process?

But is it really the government’s responsibility to ensure that you have insurance?

My idea is this; get government out of health care and let the free market do its job.

The health care system we have now is literally monopolized by government and insurance agencies. Medical developments and research are constantly hindered due to government and insurance interference.

Repealing Obamacare is just the first step, but we also have to repeal all laws that interfere with health care being low cost and high quality.

People should be able to buy whatever insurance plan they like, not one dictated by the government. The government also needs to back off of medical advances and let research take place without their money or influence in it.

Single payer systems and any kind of social program for health insurance and health care is bound to fail. When you have the taxpayers paying for approximately 70-80 percent of all medical treatments, then the government gets involved and plows a path for how XYZ disease must be treated across the board. This to me is just dumb.

We can’t replace Obamacare with Trumpcare, it’s going to be equally as detrimental.

If we encourage a free market system where there is actual competition between hospitals, medical agencies and insurance agencies, then the prices of health care will be driven down, and the quality of health care will rise.

Just a thought.

Amanda Long is a freelance writer for The Gazette-Virginian.