I am reaching out to you all for support.

Our phone company is Century Link, and the phone went out last Tuesday night, June 19, and we thought it was maybe the storm or rain.

So Wednesday, June 20, my husband did the whole routine check like he is supposed to.

I will show you a photo as it (the problem) is the main pedestal box out by the main road. We live probably 400 or 500 feet back from the main road.

I called Century Link and explained the issue. The first person, needless to say after verifying who I was and the issue, said “oh, you are at the wrong department, let me transfer you.”

I have to go through all the same information while trying not to move the cellphone or myself very hard due to my health, but I had to keep moving to keep a signal.

So they took down the information and were going to hang up. I said “Wait, you didn’t even give me a repair date.”

The representative replied, “I thought you were just calling to report damaged equipment.”

I said what part didn’t you understand. I explained I have no home phone service, and I am having a terrible time trying not to lose the cell signal because I live in the county.

She said well July 9, 2018 is our quickest repair date for a technician to come out.

I was furious, and I explained both my husband and I are disabled, etc. etc.

So I was then transferred the third time, and I had to go through the verification process, and I stopped them because the cell phone normally drops the call, and they said, “No worries. If we lose you, we will contact your son at the number you provided.”

So I went through the third person, and I was able to get off the phone with no success. They don’t care that you have health issues, and I am a firm believer of a land line and an old-fashioned push button phone in case your power goes out. Your cordless phones will not work then.

So our internet was working early afternoon Wednesday and then with the wires exposed, and we got rain, our internet went out.

And I called back on Thursday and was switched two times. I was able to get updated to June 28, and no I was not happy at all, but I was always respectful.

I mentioned to them that I was dealing with trying to get a good connection on a cell phone, and I had to walk further to get decent connection.

I let them know when my internet did jump in and off having to wait for hours while the little circle tried to connect, and I restarted and unplugged all connections to the router, and they say you have to unplug your phone line.

I must have done this at least 15 times too just in hopes of getting the internet some — which I did on and off.

I did also mention to them that it was brought to my attention that if someone would ride around Nathalie roads like Pumping Hill Road and the corner of Mulberry and Felix roads, they would see all the damaged pedestal boxes that are Century Link’s equipment.

Folks would be amazed.

Then I was talking to another lady who lives in a subdivision, and she said the box for her equipment has been damaged over two months. I mean over two months. She said her service is not affected, but she worries about children and animals being hurt with live wires. She actually put her box together with duct tape.

When I expressed my concern to one of Century Link’s employees, she had the nerve to tell me to protect their equipment, so no animal or child would get hurt.

It’s sad to say, but if they are worried about human life or wildlife, they would have sent someone out to put a cover over the wires, but they don’t care.

Also my husband said if he messes with the box how many other people are under this main box?

I can say I am so thankful that when our electrical power goes out, I don’t care if it’s 3 a.m., Mecklenburg Electric Company has a crew on site. Now that is a concerned and caring company.

I went a step further and called back on Saturday, and I was swelling so bad because with my health I can’t take the humidity. I talked to the gentleman, Ralph, and I remember his name because he told me to try to walk inside.

But I couldn’t hear him as soon as I moved. He said lay the cell phone down because I was really swollen from being in the sun, and he told me to come back every five minutes to check the phone.

Finally, he said, “Mam, the 28th is the best we can do for you. Is this acceptable,” and I said no.

I told him I would be letting the local news crews know.

I am not only speaking up for myself and husband, but what about those people who have worse health conditions than we do?

Sorry to say if my husband was to stop breathing or had another spell he deals with, what am I supposed to do as he is 6’2” and weighs about 240 pounds.

I am a weak person with my own health issues, and I am only 5-foot 1 ½-inches tall.

We need our landline, and many elderly residents of this community count on them also. Not everyone is glued to cell phones or can get good reception where they live.

By the way, I posted on Century Link’s Facebook page, and I personally can’t find my post.

One of their employees, Zak, says I would appreciate private emails. Why private? I just wonder why they try to hide a customer respectfully reaching out to their company that got me no help.

Candice L. Smith is a resident of Nathalie.