A few days ago, The Gazette-Virginian carried an advertisement for a fund-raising event on behalf of Leslie Cockburn, the Democratic candidate for Congress for our area. 

Inspired by this, I went to her campaign’s website to check up on her policy positions. Let us cut through the smoke, the mirrors and the bafflegab and see what she really stands for:

“She supports ‘single payer’ health care, which means Medicare for all.” In other words, she wants socialized medicine, under which your doctor will be a government employee. You will like this—but only if you already love the efficiency and the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service.

 “We must resume our place at the table as a leader of the Paris Agreement. Otherwise, we are endangering the world.” Translation: You need to freeze in the dark to fight “climate change,” while your betters fly off to conferences where they gobble quiche, swill Chardonnay and discuss the further sacrifices that you have to make in order to save the planet from warming up by one degree over the next 100 years.

 “She is a strong supporter of free community college for all Virginians.” Yes, taxpayers should shell out still more in taxes to send other people’s children to colleges that will turn them into ignorant, self-indulgent, useless, left-wing snowflakes.

 “Women’s reproductive rights are under threat from the Trump Administration and its allies in Congress.” Make no mistake about it: like almost all Democrats, Leslie Cockburn is enthusiastically pro-abortion. Our “progressives” want to make sure that Moloch gets his ration of infant sacrifices. 

 “Leslie believes...that the obvious solution [to our economic problems] is new energy,” by which she means solar and geo-thermal. Sure! Solar energy will save us all and satisfy all our energy needs—just as soon as the sun shines at night.

 “Leslie will work to [limit] the government’s ability to take property away without a conviction through asset forfeiture.” If truth be told, I actually agree with her on this one item. 

 Finally, Leslie Cockburn advertises that she has been endorsed by JstreetPac. Since this lobbying group seems to be more pro-Palestinian and pro-Iranian than pro-Israel, we can draw our own conclusions about where her real sympathies must lie.

To sum up, then, given the nature of almost all of what this candidate is shoveling, it is very fitting that her photo, both in your paper and on her campaign website, shows her wearing high rubber boots.

The real issue in 2018 is, of course, Donald Trump. Two years ago, many of us backed him because we had run out of patience with the Democrats who openly despised us as “deplorable” and with those Republicans who quietly (but quite obviously) agreed with that judgment. Now, whatever we may say about Trump’s style and private life, we see that he has been an effective president. 

His foreign policy, even toward Russia, has been reasonably assertive, without being reckless or provocative. He has nominated judges who believe that the Constitution means what it says, not what liberal geeks wish that it said. His tax cuts and deregulation have given the economy a kick start after its previous eight years in the doldrums. Unemployment is way down. The Obamacare mess is gradually being dismantled. 

By and large, Trump has been a pragmatic and effective centrist, actually delivering on the kinds of things that most Republicans only promise. More than any president in at least a generation, he has also taken to heart the interests of the American working class, including all the exasperated blue-collar Democrats who voted for him. 

His reward has been the hatred of the self-appointed pseudo-elites in Washington, Hollywood, the media, academia and quite a few corporate boardrooms. With the fury of rabid badgers, they are doing their worst to destroy him for his real crimes: for not being one of them, for going over their heads to appeal to the American people, for speaking plainly, for beating their chosen candidate, for getting elected, for trying to do what he said he would, for making his enemies look as silly as they really are, and for being as successful in office as he has been so far.

Now, back to our 5th Congressional district. Common sense tells us that “Boots” Cockburn is not running because she wants to represent the views and interests of the majority of the people who live here, because it is obvious that she does not. She wants to get elected because she is a “prog” who hopes to join the lynch mob that is trying to get Trump. A vote for “Boots” is, in short, a vote to impeach Trump. 

It is also a vote for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, for higher taxes and more regulation, for fewer jobs and less freedom, for the plans of her fellow Swamp Creatures to stick it to us “deplorables,” and for everything that most of us voted against in 2016. 

Two short years later, is that what we really want?

Waclaw Bakierowski is a resident of Halifax.