Friday being the first day of the month and the start of the weekend on top of everything else added up to a driving challenge not unlike that described in a science fiction story I read in the 1960s.

I forget the author, maybe Harlan Ellison, but the story was a prophetic piece about what we now call road rage.

The hero of the story, described as a family man on an outing with his family in a car of the future, perhaps a hovercraft, is angered by an aggressive driver, who cut him off in traffic or was tailgating him.

The story describes a way frustrated drivers can take out their frustrations on other drivers by contacting a central dispatcher to find out the armament and experience level of their potential opponent and the odds of “winning” an encounter.

In this case, the driver gets lucky and somehow wins his life or death encounter with a man he finds out later is ranked as one of the top “road warriors,” and that he now is on everyone’s hit list, with future challengers aware of his armament and location.

I felt like that guy on Friday, when it seemed nothing went right at all.

Sometimes I think that people with all the time in the world on their hands still choose Friday to do all their business, go to the bank, the grocery store or otherwise just drive around.

I think sometimes the sequence of traffic lights on Fridays changes just to frustrate yours truly.

I don’t think I caught a single traffic light the entire day, and it also seemed every place I went was packed to the gills.

I understand Friday also was pay day for most of us, and I can understand crowds at banks, but Friday started to remind me of the television show, “The Walking Dead,” where people aimlessly wander about with no idea of what to do next.

The thought occurred to me that I would like at some point to call a central dispatcher to ask about an over aggressive driver.

Of course, they probably think the same way about me, so the best any of us can do is watch out for the other guy.

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