Just for kicks and giggles, I “googled” the top songs for the week ending June 16, 1972, and I cruised down memory lane in the process.

I was about to enter my senior year in high school, and as a teenager growing up in South Boston, summer meant several things, first of all hanging out with the fellows, taking bike rides through the country and taking car rides to the local pools to check out the “scenery.”

The songs I heard while cruising the American Legion pool and Grove Avenue pool reflected a variety of styles and tastes, but I was surprised to find out the top-10 songs for June 16 didn’t quite match up to expectations.

The following songs were numbers one through 10 on the pop music charts for June 16, 1972:

1. “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr. (with the Mike Curb Congregation)

2. “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers

3. “Song Sung Blue” by Neil Diamond

4. “Oh Girl” by the Chi-Lites

5. “Nice To Be With You” by Gallery

6. “Outa-Space/I Wrote A Simple Song” by Billy Preston

7. “Troglodyte” by the Jimmy Castor Band

8. “Last Night, I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All” by 5th Dimension

9. “Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

10. “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers

Sure, I remember those songs, but I also remember what me and my best buddies were listening to -- heavy metal groups such as Black Sabbath and other rock bands such as Deep Purple, The Doors and ZZ Top, mixed in with a little Todd Rundgen, James Taylor, Credence Clearwater Revival, Cat Stevens and Neil Young, in addition to a host of Motown artists.

Those were the days of bulky 8-track cassette players, and you weren’t cool unless you had one installed in your jacked-up Chevelle, complete with the ear-blasting sound of Black Sabbath rattling the streets.

Just goes to show you there was another top-10 out there, and things haven’t changed since.

Each of us has a song or two out there that has us playing air guitar and singing along, whether it be at a stoplight or at home.

In my case, considering my lousy singing voice, the only protest in my house comes from my cat that casts an evil eye in my direction whenever I try and act cool.

I’ve said before, when I try and sing in the shower, the water turns itself off, and I’m no dancer either.

Musical tastes have evolved with the times, and mine are evolving as well, to niche groups such as the Moody Blues and Roxy Music.

That’s what makes music special, it means different things to different people, and I can accept that.

What are you listening to this summer?

Doug Ford reports for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at dford@gazettevirginian.com.

Doug Ford covers news and sports for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at dford@gazettevirginian.com.