Dane Skelton’s assertion in the Wednesday, March 18, edition “that leftist ideologues tried to torpedo Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination with bogus assault charges” is notwithstanding. 


There’s a real mystery going on. Why is the DNC doing everything they can to remove Bernie Sanders from the race? Why would they promote only Joe Biden?

I have been a customer and friend of Dr. Will for 25 years. Without his most reasonable fees as well as his professionalism, I could not have taken care of as many rescues for all these years. 


The talking heads have again begun to prattle that the Russians are interfering with our election and favor Trump, or is it Sanders. 

I am probably going to vote for Donald Trump this Election Day. I have been a Republican for years and tend to go in that direction. However, I think Joe Biden would make a good President. He is the most normal one on the Democrat side.

The Gazette recently published The Best of the Best for local businesses and people. It’s ironic that Love Shop Road Veterinary Clinic was voted best Animal Care Center, and Dr. William Will was voted best veterinarian and yet Dr. Will is closing his business, but not by his choosing.

If one (dare-I-say-it?) ‘positive’ thing can be gained from the burgeoning pandemic, it just may be the changing of a few heretofore rigidly closed Pro-Trump minds.

How many times have you heard someone say to you “count your blessings?” Did you answer back? All the time. Later when you had time to think about it, you knew in your heart not often enough.


The talking heads have again begun to prattle that the Russians are interfering with our election and favor Trump, or is it Sanders.

Lent is a season of the Christian calendar which comprises the 40 days (not counting Sundays) before Easter beginning with Ash Wednesday. It is meant to represent the 40 days, which Jesus spent in the wilderness fasting and being tempted by Satan. It is used as a time of remembrance, repentance, preparation and self-examination/reflection. 


According to an article published by the Pearson company, “...reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.” 


As Americans, we are so blessed to live in a country that is free. America is a land of opportunity and many possibilities. We have the right to do whatever our heart desires. Whether we work a public job, or if we’re a member of the armed forces, it is our freedom to do so.


March is MS Awareness Month.But, MS patients suffer every day of every month. A new National MS Society-led study reports that nearly 1 million people are living with MS in the United States. That’s more than twice the previously reported number. Therefore, twice as many of us need a cure.

We’ve really had a bad run of governors this century. It’s way past time to do something about it. 

During the last several weeks, we have been subjected to the Nadler, Schumer, Schiff Show on TV. This show produced by Zombie Pelosi, features Nadler as the clown, Schumer as the jealous and bitter old man, and Schiff as the director and story teller, who changes the script with each performance.


We no longer have a Democratic party. We now have a party that hates America.

Cicero once said, “Gratitude may be the mother of all virtues.” We at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation couldn’t agree more. 


As we all say goodbye to the year 2019, we end it with mixed emotions. To some of us, it was a pretty good year. However, to some it was a year of heartache and tragic events. 


It is with great sadness that we said goodbye last week to a true American patriot and gentleman, Col. Robert Holt Evans Sr., USAF retired.  


Football season is just about over unfortunately. But we still have the playoffs and the Super Bowl to watch. The two teams that have won the most Super Bowls are the Patriots and the Steelers, six each. 


For those wanting to keep up with what’s happening around the state regarding the Second Amendment Sanctuary issues I’ve added a link to a website specifically created for it on my website oldhalifax.com. It’s located near the top left of the home page.

Christmas is truly the holiday of many wonders. It brings so much joy and happiness to all at a time in life when we really need it the most. I

EDITOR’S NOTE: Writing club students at Halifax County Middle School, working under the auspices of Tiffany Whitlow, submitted for publication the following letters to the editor describing what makes a “great” teacher. The students wrote the letters during National Education Week.

Nov. 18-22 will mark the 98th annual observance of American Education Week. Our AEW tagline, “Reach. Educate. Inspire.” highlights the importance of bringing together educators, parents, students and communities in a unified effort to cultivate great public schools. During this week we highlight the contributions of educators, education support professionals and substitute educators.


Child pornography has been the talk of the town lately. It’s sad, yes. Something must be done, absolutely. I just don’t think acquiring a criminal record is that thing for the children. 


I had a blessing at the board of supervisors’ meeting on Nov. 4. I felt the Holy Spirit there leading the way, even sending Satan’s angels away. 


Time is one of life’s precious commodities, even though sometimes we feel that we don’t have enough of it. Could it be that we are trying to live life too fast. When we do this, we tend to miss out on a lot of good things life has to offer. 


 I am writing to you in hopes that the public can render some help in solving a safety problem in the community of Cluster Springs. That safety issue happens to be the intersection between Highway 501 and State Route 658, or commonly referred to as Huell Matthews Highway and Cluster Springs/Cherry Hill Church Road.

Each year there are events and holidays that many of us wait for. For some it is a birthday, for others a major holiday. And for still others it is the opportunity presented each year at a church or civic get together. 


I was honored when I was asked to write this letter to the paper. A letter that is meant for the voters of Halifax County to read before you all go to the voter’s booth. I’m sure some would use this chance to try to convince you to vote one way or another, that’s not my goal. My goal is to tell you about what I have observed from one of your neighbors, Kathy Fraley. 


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