Just a few days ago, I looked at your front page and read, “Process to build school outlined.” Without even a token attempt to convince us that we need a new building in the first place, our self-appointed betters are charging off to do what they want, because they want to and because they think that they can get away with it.

On behalf of the members of the Faulkner Memorial Lodge No. 91, South Boston, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who helped make the recent blood drive in honor of Libby Redd a successful event.  


On June 11, Republicans in the 15th Senate District will be voting for a Republican candidate for the State Senate. As Republican committee chairmen representing the 11 localities within the 15th Senate District, we want to explain why we all endorse Senator Frank Ruff for the Republican nomination over his challenger. 


What does it take to become a good leader? First, you must have a strong faith and believe you have the ability to lead. It takes a lot of patience, compromising and hard work. No matter how hard you try, there will always be those who will oppose everything you do.

On May 29, some tapes were thrown away by mistake when they were placed in the free house at the dumpsters in South Boston. 

What in the world is the U.S.A. becoming? We’re suppose to have  freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press etc. but no freedom of our bodies (women)?

A month before the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton reportedly said if that (expletive deleted) (Donald Trump) wins, “we all hang from nooses.”


This letter is being written to keep the stories in our hearts and minds for future generations to come.

During and after session, I have been asked by many “After the governor, lt. governor and attorney general all got into trouble for what they said and did, why didn’t anything happen to them? Considering that their own party leaders from around the country were calling for them to resign, you should have forced them out of office.” 


Saturday, May 4, was a beautiful day for the Southside Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale, and we are most grateful to all those in Halifax-South Boston and neighboring communities who supported it — either by donating plants, by telling someone else about it or by coming to the sale in person.


This will be my first time responding to a letter to the editor, and I am doing so as I am in so agreement with the letter today concerning the above issue.

On behalf of my family and my daughter, Libby, we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support received since the moment of her car accident on Saturday, March 16. 


I wanted to express my disappointment in the Heritage Festival. 


On behalf of the Halifax County High School baseball teams and the high school baseball program, we extend a special thanks to all of the baseball players, the Comets softball teams, parents and everyone from the community who attended Friday night’s Comets Vs. Cancer Night Games at Halifax County High School for their support through their attendance and contributions.


National Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration in recognition of teachers and the contributions they make to education and society. It is held in the first full week of May of every year and provides an opportunity for students, parents and community to show their appreciation for the hard work teachers do and the long hours many of them put in. 


There is so much abuse going on in the world today. What is it and what causes it? First abuse is defined as mistreating or hurting someone badly. It can be physical abuse or by mental abuse. Either one can scar a person’s life. No one should have to live with this kind of life.

Let me start off by saying that my wife and I are concerned citizens born in this once great nation that used to fear God — we don’t anymore…


My family has put four children through the Halifax County School System. We’ve volunteered, donated and raised money for various causes. 


Spring is here, flowers are blooming, the trees have their leaves, and once again we hear the loud noise coming from the open windows of cars driven by inconsiderate drivers.

On behalf of Fork Baptist Church, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the law enforcement agencies for allowing our church to help sponsor and participate in the law enforcement/community Easter egg hunt held April 18 at the fairgrounds. 


I have experienced some bouts of depression in my lifetime. In 1992, when I worked at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, one day at work a co-worker said to me — what’s wrong with you? You are not your usual happy self. I was not sure, but a sad feeling had come over me. 


Last night I watched the movie “The Ten Commandments” with Charleton Heston as Moses and Yul Brenner as the Pharaoh. 


Earth Day is April 22, marking a half-century of promoting environmental awareness and calling for protection of our planet. But are we making a difference? Can we do more than reduce, reuse and recycle?

While owning land is not a given to anyone, it’s a piece of property being bought or having been purchased. This property comes with continuous hard work to keep it to standard. Also taxes and insurance needs to be continually paid. 


Thus far President Donald Trump has been the Teflon Don. Nothing sticks to him. Special Counselor Bob Mueller has completed his investigation on Trump and Russia interfering in the most recent presidential election.

Bravo and kudos to the director, Devin Hall, actors and backstage crew for two outstanding performances on a recent weekend in “13 Past Midnight.” It is so wonderful to see theatre being brought back to life at our high school.  


By the time you read this column, you will have settled up on your tax liability to the federal government and maybe to Virginia also. It is never fun. We all do them with fear that we may have missed a deduction that we should have taken but could not remember where the receipt might have been misplaced.


The Fresh Air Fund looks forward to celebrating National Volunteer Week, which was from April 7-13 this year. It is an opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our inspiring volunteers, hosts and supporters in Greater Lynchburg.

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