To the editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Bakierowski’s letter in the Wednesday, June 19, paper opposing the building of a new school. 

His name leads me to believe that he most likely is not a native of this area. I happen to be and taught school here for many years.  

I found it lame that he used a young student’s words as a joke to make his point. I am assuming that he didn’t see the newspaper article of another former student who was embarrassed in a class that she took later where she learned that her own Halifax County High School was one of the worst built high schools in the state, not to mention the mold problems that persist.

On a more positive note, I am extremely grateful to the host of people who are working diligently to improve Halifax County. “Team Halifax” had their kickoff at The Prizery a few weeks ago, and building our new school is a part of their exciting goals. I wonder if Mr. Bakierowski was there or if it was easier to sit back, point fingers and complain.

In closing, I also can tell by the harsh words he had regarding our superintendent of schools, that he doesn’t know him. The people of Halifax County are ever so fortunate to have someone with Mark Lineburg’s integrity to serve as our superintendent of schools. He works hard and is constantly introducing new, innovative ideas to better serve all of our students. He is a dynamite, yet very humble leader.  

I challenge Mr. Bakierowski to call and make an appointment with him.  The school board number is in the phone book.

Thank you,

Cynthia Haugh