To the editor:

Our town has a history of many accomplished leaders being reluctant to run for public office. 

This year we have a unique opportunity to elect one of our most outstanding and proven leaders to our town council. 

Tommy Elliott has demonstrated for many years in his personal business and his many public service leadership roles, such as the South Boston IDA chairmanship, a devotion to his hometown and more importantly the type of able and visionary leadership that we need in our town government. 

Our citizens also have shown a sad indifference in our May town election process with only 375 persons voting in our last election. I believe it is unfortunate to have a town with a population of nearly 8,000 permitted voted, but 375 voters select its leadership. 

In today’s world, all towns and cities are facing many difficult and complex issues, and we desperately need leadership with the financial acumen, and analytical depth to keep our town sound fiscally and competitive in getting and retaining business and industry.

I would urge every South Boston citizen who cares about our town to get an absentee ballot and vote or go to the polls in person on Tuesday, May 19. I also urge you to support Tommy Elliott, but regardless of your choice of candidates, please support your town and vote. 

Thank you, 

Coleman Speece