To the editor:

There’s a real mystery going on. Why is the DNC doing everything they can to remove Bernie Sanders from the race? Why would they promote only Joe Biden?

They have to be highly motivated to avoid the far-left extremists from taking over the party because they know electing Bernie will mean they’ve lost control of the party forever.

But to have Joe (who has lost his mind) Biden as the only alternative means there’s something else going on. The four-day convention in Milwaukee, to be held July 13-16, will likely have Joe as the frontrunner. Bernie has already said that if he didn’t have a plurality of votes by then he would drop out. In that case, Biden, not having the required 1991 delegates to win on the first ballot, and with Bernie already out, leaves the final decision to the super delegates to choose a dark horse candidate.

This brokered convention would mean “a chosen one,” the dark horse, has already been selected, and it ain’t Joe.

Could it be the most hated woman in America - Hillary or maybe Michelle? Both have been mentioned. Neither could be expected to beat Trump. No other person of note has been mentioned as far as I know.

My guess is they know Trump will beat anyone they put up so they’ll sacrifice someone, anyone other than Bernie, so they can still be in control of the party for the 2024 election. It will probably be Hillary because she’s already lost twice and a third time won’t make any difference. She’s already damaged the party all she can and will likely be under indictment by November.

The Democrat party elders can only hope to stay alive this year to fight another day.

Dan Shaw