To the editor:

What in the world is the U.S.A. becoming? We’re suppose to have  freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press etc. but no freedom of our bodies (women)?

What was the whole state of Alabama thinking in regards to abortion, especially when it comes to minors, incest and rape.

Why when there’s a major election is this abortion issue always a top issue, which only affects the females of our society? 

Why are these predominately old white men so concerned about a baby before it enters the world, but once it’s born too many of them end up on the system, and they don’t have that same caring feeling?

It’s bad enough for women, but even worse for young girls who can become pregnant, which really amounts to children having children. I can’t believe anyone in his or her right mind would think that this is OK.

There would be no pregnancies were it not for the male species (women can’t impregnate other women).

What happens when a father, uncle, brother, cousin, etc. takes advantage of a young girl? Let’s not act like it doesn’t happen, because we know it does, and that young girl becomes pregnant. Who should be responsible for it? 

If a woman or girl is forced to have sex and forced to have a baby, what kind of life will the child have? Will it be loved and cared for as it should?

Children should be conceived out of love by two consenting adults. I know this is not always the case, but all circumstances are different and should be treated as such.

While all these lawmakers are passing laws -- this ban or that ban --and everyone is saying how life begins at inception, while this is true, it’s also true that the little thing is not a functioning being until it enters the world. 

Before then our female bodies has been its home (their lifeline.) For nine months, (give or take) but what happens after: if it’s an unwanted pregnancy by rape, will it have to live with a stigma all its life?

And what about incest? What kind of a human being will it become because of that bloodline situation?

When it concerns a minor will grandparents have to step up as responsible parties?

I read and pay attention to a lot of things being said and done, and with all this new knowledge and tech knowledge ability, it’s been said that the male brain does not fully develop until about 25 years old.

If that’s true, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to have any sex until after that age. Try putting that into law. 

The brain they say has a frontal lobe, a side lobe etc., and one lobe controls this activity, and another lobe controls that activity.

I’m just saying there should not be a blanket ban regardless.

Gracie B. Meadows