To the editor:

America is our country to love and be proud of. Our forefathers sacrificed so much to enable America to be the land of the free. However, there are those who want you to believe that it is a country filled with hate, prejudices and racisms. These are the very people who will cause America to fail. These same people do evil things to America not considering what the consequences will be. 

For America to continue to succeed, we as Americans must show a lot of courage, have a deep faith and dedication. We all need to be more honest and do whatever we can to support one another.

Our country is filled with all types of people. It is up to everyone to respect each other and each other’s rights. Sometimes we may have to compromise and even be willing to sacrifice.

As Americans we need to stand together as one people and one nation under God. “Under God” – two powerful words. How can we, when there are those who want to keep God out of everything. It’s time for everyone to realize God is everywhere, and he isn’t going anywhere, after all the reason we are here today is because of Him.

Another issue we need to work on concerns our president. No matter whether you are a Democrat,  Republican or Independent, this concerns us all. We may not agree with him on certain things. Whether you like or dislike our president, he is our leader and he deserves our respect and most of all our support.

Our president, like all Americans, wants America to always succeed. 

The president carries a heavy load on his shoulders everyday. It’s easy for some to sit on the sidelines and criticize him. How many of these people would be able to carry such a heavy load on their shoulders?

Let me close with something for all of us to think about and pray about. If you’re a Christian, and I pray that you are, then you know that none of us have the right to judge. Only God has the right to do that.

One day we will all have to stand before God and be judged. So, if you haven’t gotten your affairs in order, it’s not too late to do so. Life is short, so it’s up to us to do what our Lord would have us do. Quit judging, quit blaming everything on our president, but most of all, stop calling everything racism. Our country wasn’t built on it and don’t let it fail because of it. 

All people are equal in God’s eyes, and for me that’s the way things should be.

Pray for America, our government, our president and all Americans. Stand up for it, and keep on believing in it. If everyone works together, then we can continue to have a country we can call the land of the free and home of the brave. 

God bless the U.S.A.

Pat Holt

South Boston