To the editor:

As we celebrate our nation’s founding, it comes to mind that newscaster after newscaster has been reporting that we have been living through the worst of times in our nation’s history the last two years.  Of course those talking heads are referring to the years that President Trump has been in the White House. Their goal is clearly trying to convince you, the listener, to think the way they do.


If one harkens back to our nation’s founding, assuming that folks are still being taught history, they will read story after story of patriots fighting in the most dismal of situations to gain this nation’s freedom. Stories like those of Washington’s army at Valley Forge who fought and turned back the British army while suffering the bitter cold, sometimes with no shoes.  

Or they may consider the Whiskey Rebellion that almost brought down our nation in those early years of President Washington’s term that could easily have broken our nation apart. 

Those who think that now is the worst of times of our history must be ignorant of the War Between the States that, in some cases, had brothers and families split apart as they had to choose between loyalties to their nation and their home state.  

For those who consider this all old history, one only needs to look at the 1970s when the division was not among states or political parties but rather over the issue of should we be fighting and dying to stop the spread of communism.

Those talking heads, often referred to as the main stream media, want you to focus on the bad news and the problems that we have. I will freely concede that there are problems in our country and world, yet I will not concede that the problems this nation faces are because President Trump was elected. Some of those problems have been hidden under bandages and only now are being addressed because he has brought them to our attention.  


The issues surrounding trade have existed for years, whether the issue is German cars that could be bought cheaper in Europe and shipped back to the United States than they could have been bought here, while not so for cars built in America and shipped to Europe.

Thankfully, President Trump is trying to address this one-sided issue in trade.


The media would have you believe that President Trump is opposed to immigration and wants to stop all coming from elsewhere in the world.  This is not the case. Most sane people, however, do believe that we should control our borders. 

Sen. Frank Ruff