To the editor:

The class of 1975 needs the public’s help finding some of their classmates. 

If you see someone you know on the list, please have him or her contact one of the committee members listed before, or if you know their phone number or address please contact of the members.

Members of the class of 1975 need help finding Bryon Alford, Sharon Baker, Hazell Burrll, Carl Cole, Charlie Davis, Charlotte D. Dearmand, Mark Dixon, John Epps, Brenda Poole, Elizabeth Felton, Charles Fuller, Susan F. Belcher, Sylvia Goods, Caroline Harrell, Louis Ingram, Elsie Jones, Shelia Jones, Daniel Anderson, Shirley Brown, Debra Chappell, Diane C. Gauspy, Gregory Davis, Linda Edmonds, Mable Epps, Rick Farrell, Randy Frances, Jacqueline Fuller, Eddie Glasscock, Deannia Goods, Donald Hando, James Heath, Earl Johnson, Jennie Jones, Rita Kenny, Jill Lacks, Sharon Lacks, Herbert Leigh, Bennie Logan, Donna Luck, Frank Lutz, Debbie Maddocks, William Majors, Betty Mayo, Patricia M. Herring, Curtis Morris, Caroline Mosley, Arthur Murray, Clarence Owen, Lee Owen, Ronnie Owen, Sharon Pointer, Angela P. Sledge, Kathy Puryear, Kim Quinn, Jerry Ragsdale, Debra Richardson, Lorraine Robertson, Tommy Rudder, Pamela S. Berry, Sharon S. Pointer, David Smith, Jerome Smith, Pamela Smith, Kimberly Spence, Vivian Stovall, Howard Suit, Katie Sydnor, Michael Tanner, Doris R. Brooks, Austin Tune, Elizabeth Vaughan, Deborah W. Maddocks, Irene Walker, Clarence Watkins, Cynthia W. Richardson, Rhonda Watts, Brenda Wilborn, Edna Womack, Lucille Womack, Robert Womack, Barbara Wyatt and Kenneth Younger. 

If anyone knows anyone on this list, please have him or her contact Joanne P. Smith at, Sandy Tribley at or Donna James at 

Thank you, 

Donna James

Lady Lake, Florida

The class of 1975 needs the public’s help finding some of their classmates.