To the editor:

Our country is probably the only real super-power on the earth today. 

Then, why are we not considered one of the main players in prophecy in the end times? We are probably economically and militarily head and shoulders above every other country.

Lately I’ve been listening to Christian programs such as the 700 Club and Pastor’s Perspective. There are three main reasons we will not be a big player in the end times, which surprised me.

One is the rapture of the church. Since we have so many Christians in our country that have a big influence on everything, the rapture would cause havoc. 

Another possibility is a nuclear war against the countries that don’t like us very much such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. 

A third point someone made is that we could crumble from within. Especially if our next president is liberal and is for open borders, abortion, free health care and free college tuition. We would become bankrupt and be in such a financial mess it would be difficult to recover.

All of this sounds negative, but it is reality. 

God has everything under control. Let’s not forget that.

Paul DuPont