To the editor:

It’s sad to see jobs going out of the Southside, but nothing is coming in. If you want companies to come to the Southside, there are two things that companies look for — a site close to the interstate, which means less down time for truckers and rail service.

We got rail service, but no interstate, and that is where the problem is. Why we don’t have an interstate on the Southside, blame the politicians. 

They talk about an interstate for the Southside 20 years from now. It’s not going to do much for us now. The Southside needs a lot of help now and not 20 years from now. 

I have seen people pack up and leave the area because there are no jobs here anymore. People have to go where the jobs are.

I have noticed there is another problem on the Southside. There is a lack of training schools for the unemployed. There is a lack of job opportunities for the unemployed.

If you want job training, you have to drive 100 miles out of the area, or you have to drive out of state to get training. 

There are still no jobs for the unemployed. Companies come to Virginia because of the good workforce, why is there no jobs for the unemployed doesn’t figure. Even when the good times were here no jobs for the unemployed, doesn’t figure. 

When the unemployed are not working, they are not putting any money into the economy, no phone, no lights, no motorcar.

I have come across people who have been unemployed anywhere from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 to 30 years. Should be a “question and answer investigation say” on the Southside and fine out why companies are not hiring the unemployed.

Do the companies on the Southside have something against the unemployed? Why is the unemployed being discriminated against? Unemployed people want jobs too. There is nothing more of value than a used unemployed person. If you can’t help a person who needs help or wants a job, close the doors and go home. 

No relief, no help, no programs available to help the unemployed here. If no one will help the unemployed, then who will? Something has gone wrong. There’s a hole in the bucket. 

When it comes to the jobs and economy we hit, we are back in 1972. 

Another thing I have noticed, there are no attorneys out there who want to do anything to help the unemployed. If the attorneys out there were to help the unemployed, they all could retire to Florida.

If you fine yourself out of a job and out of work for a long time, blame the politicians. 

I’ll tell you what the politicians did to me, they took away my freedom to drive an 18-wheeler. I don’t think its right to take someone’s dream away because it was an act of God. The politicians in Virginia owe me lots of money in back wages. 

Donald Goodrow