To the editor:

As we all say goodbye to the year 2019, we end it with mixed emotions. To some of us, it was a pretty good year. However, to some it was a year of heartache and tragic events. 

Also our government has had its ups and downs. They don’t come together to make valuable decisions. 

They can’t decide on the subject of impeachment of the president. So, it continues into the new year.

We should go into the new year with great expectations for 2020. 

I pray this will be the year that families are drawn closer together; countries will unite in peace and people of all race, creed and color will become one nation under God. 

Some people feel that peace is too far out. But it’s not out of reach. As the new year starts, we all need to have a positive attitude, a new lease on life and most importantly, allow God to be first in your life. If we can do this then 2020 will be a much better year. 

New beginnings come with a new year. Some may decide to get married and start a family together. There are those who might go into the sports field and become a famous athlete. 

Some may decide to enlist in the medical field and become a doctor or nurse and help people. A fireman might entrust some knowing that it could be the way of saving people and property from a fire, and even if it would be a long shot, perhaps a whinged bird could save the world. Who knows?

Hope is a strong word but comes with so much meaning. In order to succeed in the New Year you must have strong hope. After all that’s why we crawl out of bed every morning because of hope. To me hope is a blessing from God. It’s that hope that gives me the ability to do anything I want to do. It can do the same thing for you. I don’t know whether you make new year resolutions or not but if you do, make sure one of them is to believe in hope and it will help you live a better life. 

Maybe 2020 will be a year of real possibilities and dreams. 

Let 2020 be what it is: a new year, a new beginning and new hope. Go into 2020 with a lot of enthusiasm. 

May all of you have a happy new year and a prosperous and spiritual life. Just remember all things are possible if God is put first and always in your life. 

Pat Holt

South Boston