To the editor:

I was watching a couple of shows on television showing the terrible problem of the homeless situation in Los Angeles. The homeless there live in an area that stretches out across 50 blocks. Can you imagine that? They live in tents surrounded by loads of garbage and rats, which are spreading all kinds of diseases.

They showed a person who was giving food to the homeless and contracted a certain disease. Due to the disease, he had to have his leg amputated. Even the police try to avoid going in that area with fear of getting sick. 

What a nightmare of a situation.

The area where the homeless live is not too far from Hollywood — the place where the actors make millions of dollars for the movies we watch. Can’t those in Hollywood with all the money they make come up with a solution to this situation — housing, food and clean up the mess with the garbage and rats.

I see the governing bodies in California are not doing a thing. The church is going to wind up helping this problem before Hollywood and the government get involved.

Paul DuPont, Halifax