To the editor:

The total number of soldiers from Halifax County that died in all wars is 734.  

The number of soldiers from Halifax County that died in the War Between the States is 488. 

A total of 246 soldiers from Halifax County died from all other wars. 

I get that people are angry now.

Anyone that is not angry about some of the goings on in our country today simply is not paying attention.

But, and there is usually a but, is moving a monument to the Confederate soldiers from Halifax County going to repair the ills attributed to The Confederate States of America?

The War Between the States had many consequences for our county including a greater number of dead than all other wars combined.

How many of the 492 old men and boys that volunteered to defend the Staunton River Bridge on June 23, 1864 can we dismiss as inappropriate? 

They came to defend their homes and their families. They were either too old or too young to be regular soldiers. These and the other Confederate soldiers are who are being honored by the statue on the courthouse lawn.  

Our country is the sum total of it’s past, good, bad or indifferent. Our history has guided our development whether you agree with it or not. Nothing will change what has already happened, it is to learn from so that we can repeat the good and avoid the bad. In order to avoid the bad or repeat the good, we as citizens have to have tools to know our history.  

As an educator or parent you can teach whatever you view as the history of a monument. You cannot, however dictate what others may learn by selectively deleting history that you may find personally find repugnant. 

“I think the statue offends people, particularly those of us whose ancestors talked about what they had been through in the past,” Reynolds said. “When I go into the courthouse, I don’t want to look at something that reminds me of something in the past. I want to go in with a fresh mind.” 

Is Mr. Reynolds saying that we should rewrite history so that we can, “go in with a fresh mind?” 

Does he as an educator, a learned person not believe that actual history, warts and all should not be remembered?  

Our history is immutable, written in blood and no matter how someone seeks to cover it up or change the interpretation by deletion, our history happened.  

I am not fond of some of our modern history but it happened and continues to happen, regardless of our individual feelings on any particular instance. 

I am greatly offended by what some call “The American Taliban” tearing down history just like the Taliban did recently in the Middle East when they fired cannons at the statues of Buddha. We as a society are poorer for the history that we are loosing daily. 

George and Lyndell Overstreet