To the editor:

I have been a customer and friend of Dr. Will for 25 years. Without his most reasonable fees as well as his professionalism, I could not have taken care of as many rescues for all these years. 

Dr. Will has advised me as to treatments and life’s decisions after hours too many to count.

Dr. Will’s compassion and kind nature has made it possible for me to make those tough decisions. In my 72 years, I have never met a kinder or nicer person. Many a time, I know he has provided his services gratis. 

I know Dr. Will has not been paid for services provided and left with unclaimed patients. 

Have you no compassion? Have you no heart? This is a man’s life work.

Dr. Will has helped those who could not help or speak for themselves.

If this is an attempt by the competition to close his business, I can assure you his 1,000s of customers will not t urn to the competition. Patients and customers will suffer.

47 years for anyone to be in business at anything is historic. With a history degree and political science degree, I believe in preserving history and political solutions.

Just realize, nearly half a century is longer than most of his clients have lived.

Dr. Will has admitted his mistakes and any reasonable person would say admission is the first step to redemption. Confession is good for the soul.

The proper justice would be to temporary suspend a month of his practice and a small fine ($200) which I would pay, would suffice. 

Should there be legal fees involved, I am sure a GoFundMe page can easily be started. 


Jon Bass

Roxboro, North Carolina