To the editor:

Our Halifax County family recently lost our 94-year old mother. My deceased father’s last wish and hers was that both of them live out their lives at home on the family farm. 

With only two senior citizens as children and their spouses to pitch in, this placed an enormous strain on all five involved parties. Nonetheless, we agreed to do everything possible to keep her at home until the end. 

Fortunately, this spring we found the Sentara Halifax Home Health, Hospice and Palliative Care Program. Over the years, the five of us have amassed a great of experience with health care and outreach programs, but none of us were prepared for our encounter with this particular experience. 

Joni Joseph Owens and her team proved to be the most devoted, conscientious, kind, caring and professional group that any of us have had the pleasure of knowing. While the experience was hardly pleasurable, it was encouraging to know that such programs and teams still exist in this world of cold, callous, depersonalized bureaucracy and mindless dehumanization. 

This is the best and most professional outreach program that we have ever seen. 

So now that our mother is gone, we reflect back on our experience with a whole host of emotions, including gratitude to everyone who helped grant our parents’ final wish. We are most appreciative of the help and support provided by this program and encourage all regional citizens to, during often dark and dire times, draw on their offerings. 

This is a program and a team of which all area citizens can and should be proud. 

The Mildred Moon Family