Remembering fallen heroes

To the editor:

This letter is being written to keep the stories in our hearts and minds for future generations to come.

As I sit here thinking about our fallen heroes and the approaching Memorial Day, I can remember the stories that were told to me by my father, uncles and cousin when they were serving our country. 

My uncle, Paul Scearce, who was a Pearl Harbor survivor came back home after we found out he lost about 75 percent of his hearing due to the firing of the cannons and the explosion of the Japanese war planes. Paul said, you could not imagine what they went through that day, even in your worst nightmares.

My cousin, Joe Cox, who was in the Air Force while serving in Vietnam, came back home. He did not have much to say. He was quiet most of the time and mostly stayed to himself. He was still good to the family, and he would do almost anything for anyone if he could. Joe said after the things he saw that happened over there, he was glad to be back home with his family. If he had to serve his country again, he would.

My father, Floyd T. Scearce Jr., who served during the Korean War came back home, but he was dealing with a lot of family issues.

He may not have talked too much about the war, but whatever we went through with him, or the things he did, he was still my father, and I have to respect that. Later on in life, I was going to be a big help to him. I just did not know it at the time. 

March 7, 2008 my father suffered a massive stroke, and I was there next to him by his bedside. There I helped to lead my father to heaven before he passed away. 

Some of our heroes come back with the loss of limbs, and some of them do not come back at all.

The only way we can remember them is by a memorial service or remembering what he or she did for our country and the sacrifices that were made so that we could live in freedom.

We all have a part in life of reaching out to those who have gone through so much in these tragic events. Listen to the stories they share to see what they have seen through their eyes. 

I did. I helped to save my father from being lost forever.

May God bless each and every individual who has made the ultimate sacrifices so that we can live in freedom.

Floyd David Scearce and Spunkie the Monkey

South Boston