To the editor:

It is beyond time to reopen Halifax.

There are no hospitals in Virginia at full or max capacity due to COVID-19. Many hospitals are lying off employees because they were unable to conduct elective surgeries.

In Halifax less than .0005% of our population has tested for positive reactions to COVID-19.  

The flu kills many more than COVID has killed. The true number of Covid death is not known due to erroneous reporting of all deaths during this time being listed as COVID-19.  

People will die whether we remain under shutdowns from suicides and from complications by the banning of the elective surgeries during COVID shutdown.

The govt experts have been continually wrong on all forecasts of death and illnesses. Now, more and more doctors are calling for the shutdowns to be lifted. In years to come we will be talking about how our government overreacted and ruined the lives of many people. 

The governors are all citing and basing their decisions upon false and incorrect data provided by the “experts.” Please consider this in your review of this email. The NIH has not had one accurate forecast or prediction. At this point, the governor is more concerned to protect his egos than do what is right for our state.

This video by two doctors, who are urging an immediate lifting of the shutdown, is being censored/deleted on Youtube because it conflicts with the plandemic:  narrative:

Many other microbiologists are stepping forward to refute NIH stats: 

In Gaston County, North Carolina, they reopened the county and will not enforce the governor’s order to keep businesses closed. Halifax must do the same. Halifax can reopen this county at any time.  The sheriff can support the county by determining that he will not enforce unlawful governor decrees. In fact, we will see the court cases soon when arresting officers who enforced unlawful governor executive orders against the people will be sued successfully in civil court for constitutional violations. More North Carolina counties are stepping up and beginning to reopen against Roy Coopers’ orders.

Many of us are unable to work due to the shutdown. Through no fault of our own, the promised government aid money is not being disbursed, and many are in critical moments wondering how to pay their rent/mortgage/utilities and food bills.

This governor has made and issued unlawful decrees on what is an essential business and what is not. Under his essential list — ABC stores and abortion mills remained open among others. 

“Non essential”- barbers/hairdressers, churches, dentists, elective surgeries, etc remained closed. This governor clearly has no plan or scientific facts on determining which businesses should open and or close. Science is not on his side for continuing the shutdown. His plans on reopening will kick the can down the road for all small businesses, claiming to rely on more testing which will cause even more to suffer undue economic hardship.  

This governor has no credibility or moral authority to claim care for saving human life when he promotes abortion in all forms. He is using political motives to destroy our ability to earn a living. The gov’s plan to phase in reopening is a death sentence for all of us. He has no plan. The real economic harm is beginning to materialize and will become worse if we do not reopen.

We hereby request an adjustment/lowering of personal property and real estate tax bills due to COVID-19 shutdown.

Nelson County recently adjusted their tax rates for the first six months of the year due to Covid shutdown. We are asking you to do the same. 

As our elect, you cannot keep the same burden upon the taxpayers when there are times of crisis like this where unlawful orders closed businesses and many are out of work and cant find work. Our self employed businesses suffer the worst because the govt programs touted as helping have not materialized, run out of funds and will not be delivered as promised.

We will be seeing many losing homes and businesses as a result in the next few months. Suicides will go up as those facing losing homes and fear of living on streets increases.

Look how many need food assistance right now in Halifax. Visit the schools to see how many are showing up for food. They’re white, black, Hispanic and all ages. The promises from banks to delay loan payments have a noose that states the mortgage holder must pay all back mortgages at one time. Each day this shutdown continues adds another financial burden upon our backs.

We are urging you to begin discussions to reopen this county immediately. It is within your authority to open Halifax businesses. Your authority comes from the consent of the governed and not the Governor. You all swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Our rights are not suspended by crisis or emergency. 

Our ability to open our businesses and seek our pursuit of happiness is not based upon, nor limited by the political motives of Richmond.  

We remind you that you recently voted Halifax as a second amendment sanctuary city. You can reopen our economy under the same principle. Richmond is totally reliant upon local authorities to enforce their decrees. Our sheriff’s proper role is to protect and defend his constituents, not some governor in Richmond.

We have a capable county health department that can monitor the county and ensure we are maintaining proper safeguards to limit infections. Our success and/or failure should not be determined by Richmond who views all of us some little backwoods county. Richmond does not have our best interests at heart. 

Please lower/adjust our 2020 property and real estate bills and let’s begin serious discussions to reopen Halifax County.


Molly Pitcher 

of The People of Halifax