To the editor:

Misunderstood has been giving out free haircuts for 16 years now, and each year, hundreds of families trust local barbers and beauticians to trim their hair for the first day of school.

These barbers and beauticians take a day off of work to put a smile on these children’s faces, and for that, I say thank you. 

This event started with four volunteers, and this year, we had close to 50. 

More and more people showed up saying they wanted to help, and I did not want to turn anyone away. 

For many it was his or her first year helping, while others have been a part of this event for more than five years. 

Lee Bailey, a lifelong friend who now resides in Alabama, has been donating his time along with his wife Ingrid and daughter Chandler to provide and cook food for the past five years. 

Chris Davis of Perfect Timing donated plaques for the barbers. Tim Womack donated food to Misunderstood mentees and barbers, Anthony Logan with A & M Lawn Care donated bookbags, the daughter’s of Mr. Moral Garner donated school supplies, and Cordaro Cole donated shoes. 

Barbers and beauticians who donated their time and skill this year were Antonio Glass, Amy Francis, Kristina Hugger, LaTaurus Logan, Minister Gloria Luck, Quincy Moore, Wayne Ferguson, Jermaine Hill, Derek Cunningham, Shelley Edmonds, Keith Jones, Anthony Clark, Karl Mitter and myself. 

Volunteers with Misunderstood who donated their time were Marvin Ballou, the Rev. Kevin Chandler, Lamont Leigh, Eugene Turbeville, Darrell Guthrie Sr., Maurice Miller, Kamron Turbeville, Kameron Brigham, Jaden Waller, Javeon Morris, Josh Miller, Xzavier Leigh, Jayyden Leigh, Aidan Henderson, Darrell Guthrie Jr., DeAndre Guthrie and Semaj Jeffreys. 

Others who volunteered at the event were Debbie Henderson, Crystal Ross, Patsy Terry, Dorothy Vass, Peggy Brown, Doreen Coleman, Mary Patrick, Ella Patrick, Cheryl Terry, D’Ron Penick, D’Quan Penick, Curtis Fitzgerald, Eric Roberson, Marva Womack, Iesha Scott and Muriel Marable-White. 

Representatives from Wells Fargo, Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital, Tri-County Community Action Agency (Head Start, Domestic Violence, and Mentor Role Model Program), Halifax County Sheriffs Department, Victorious Ambition, and L. I. F. E. also participated in this event giving out school supplies and literature.

And Ashley Hogde of the Gazette Virginian provided coverage of the event.

For everyone who had a hand in this event, I offer a sincere thank you, and I look forward to next year’s event. 

Thank you, 

Anthony Womack