To the editor:

Hello — my name is Carl W. Smith. I live on Buckshoal Road in Virgilina. I have been in the fire service for this county for 31 years. I also have taught many new fire personnel. 

On Dec. 11, 2017 my family and I lost our home to fire. We lost everything but what we had on. 

I would like to thank all who helped during this time — the 911 dispatchers who kept my family calm and my two fire departments who I serve on — Midway and Virgilina — and with the help from Cluster Springs they all worked hard to save what they could. 

Also thanks is extended to all of my other fire friends and students who heard the call and came to help — Chad Loftis and James Hicks and the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office who kept the road safe for the fire department and community, everyone who gave homes, clothes, money, home goods and prayers, all the churches, clubs and others in our community. 

I would like to thank Granville County Fire and fire departments and sheriff department and also a special thanks to North Halifax for keeping us in your hearts. 

For the person who sent the rubber bone and ball for our pet, Snoopy says you have a friend. 

Also, I hope I haven’t left anyone out. It holds close to our heart cause no one had to help, but you did. 

To the members of Brookneal Fire and South Hill Fire Departments — thanks also.

We moved back home on Labor Day weekend and are still working on our home. 

Thanks also to Family Dollar of Virgilina, Supply Line of South Boston, Lowes of South Boston, VDOT of Halifax, Pittsylvania and Charlotte counties and anyone else who helped and gave prayers.

Special thanks to a great friend who helped the day of the fire to the getting into our new home. David Williams helped us stay strong through all of this.

Thanks to everyone.

The Smith Family 

Carl, Carol, Michael and Snoopy

415/1220 FD