To the editor: 

President Donald J. Trump always claims that he is the greatest dealmaker, but the truth is all he does is create crises, blame the Democrats and lie about them. 

His latest crisis is with Iran. Trump tore up the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration had with Iran to impose more sanctions on Iran, and now we are about to go to war against Iran. 

The other crisis on the southern border Trump created with his immigration policy. People are dying, and children are suffering. Trump blames the Democrats saying he is not getting money for the border.

Many of the farmers in the USA are suffering because of taxes he is imposing on China. Trump is now about to create an economic crisis. He is blaming the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, saying the economy should be stable.

Also Trump has threatened to fire Mr. Powell over the way he is running the economy when in reality the economy is doing fine. 

What will be President Trump’s next crisis? Stay tuned.

John Woody

South Boston