To the editor:

There are times we feel like we are living in a perfect world. We get up each day and take everything in stride. We pray each day that things will be better than the day before. We don’t live in a perfect world, perhaps we never will. So much has happened in today’s world that we might not be able to change.

America has gotten away from what is important, because no one believes in good values any more. Everyone wants to take the easy way out. When that happens, nothing good gets accomplished. It takes all people working together to make America great again.

In the past 20 years, things have changed so much. One tragic event that really caused things to change was 9-11. Before this occurred everyone seemed to take life for granted. After 9-11, everyone’s eyes were opened, and their minds became more alert. It was truly a wakeup call. One thing for sure, it brought the American people closer together. It helped everyone realize life can be short.

After 9-11, things seemed to get better. Everyone had a better outlook on life. Good things happened, and good changes came about.

However it didn’t take long for our country to slide backwards into its old routine. People started putting their needs first instead of the country’s. No good will come when this happens. No one wanted to listen to people’s ideas of how to improve America. We must realize that it is just important to listen. Everyone must work together if we want to keep America safe.

Our country today is full of hate, anger, prejudices and murders. Each time we listen to the news we hear about more bombings, people going to places like our schools, hospitals, concerts and sporting events and even out in public streets shooting up places and killing innocent people. It’s happening every day in our country, and so far no one has come up with a solution to stop it. This violence has got to stop.

We all know that we can’t depend on our elected officials or politicians. All these people want to do is call each other names and argue. They can’t even settle things amongst themselves. So how can we depend on them to make good decisions on important problems.

Changes come when good people come together and make it happen. After all we don’t need another 9-11 to happen. This time we might not be so blessed.

We need to focus on America and come together to keep it safe. After all we live in a country where we are able to live free and have numerous opportunities to have a good life.

As an American who believes in God with all my heart, my prayers for everyone is to let Him come into your life and believe me your life will change, and your life will be so much happier and rewarding. God bless America. 

Pat Holt

South Boston