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To the editor:

I’m writing to complain about your decision to publish what looks like a paid message with pictures of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson on Thursday. 

The headlines proclaimed they were two of America’s greatest generals. Really? What makes them so great? Seriously, what does make them so great? How can you call someone who lost the war a great general? 

The proper term is loser, the generals who lost the war. The generals who took up arms against the United States of America and killed American soldiers. The generals who were fighting to keep slavery alive. The generals who were fighting for the right to own and abuse another human being. 

If this is what makes them great then the bar is set too low, even Adolph Hitler could make that list of great military leaders. 

These are not the kind of people we should be edifying. 

If we have learned anything from the last four years it is that words and truth matter. 

Stating opinions as facts in the print and digital media leads to a misinformed public. 

We recently witnessed what a misinformed and radicalized public can do — at the Capitol building in D.C. 

Please step up and do your part to keep the citizens of Southside well informed. 

This means not publishing racist propaganda for the consumption and “education” of the next generation of confederate spawn. 

Racism is a failed and flawed ideology that deserves to be thrown out, stamped out and put down, for good. 

I leave you with this thought, what would Jesus say about the character of a man who wanted to own, dominate and abuse another human being?

Paul Faulkner 

South Boston