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To the editor:

I see the woodpecker has again feasted on too much ripe fruit or hit his head on a tree. He seems very happy that he will not have to migrate to Venezuela this winter, because he feels at home under our new government.

Because of his inability to see what is happening to the United States, he should be very happy with a government that will control every phase of his life.

I hope he will be happy with rising taxes, higher prices on everything he buys, plus shortages of all consumer products and medical services.

There also will be higher prices and gas shortages; thanks to Emperor Biden, we are again dependent on foreign oil.

As other industries move to China, and other foreign countries; unemployment will rise and wages will fall.

I hope he is willing to sponsor an illegal immigrant family, and pay their living expenses, education and medical services.

Maybe, he might look far enough ahead to learn the Chinese language, and be ready for the day, maybe very soon, when “Yellow Peril” will become a reality.

All of God’s best for the woodpecker and everyone.

James T. Schulz

South Boston