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To the editor:

It’s disturbing to read there are some people in this community who only use CNN and the Washington Post as their news sources. That’s where you get the idea that fascism is coming from the right side of the political divide.

Those news outlets would never say the Capitol riot was an Antifa planned event and was known by the Capitol police. There’s a poster online encouraging Antifa members to dress as Trump supporters for the event. There’s video showing them actually changing outfits just prior to riot. 

There’s also video of them heading off to the Capitol building before Trump gave his speech. There’s also video showing the police actually waving the crowd into the building. 

Ignoring all of that is either willful ignorance or blind obedience to the Democrat narrative. And to declare “This election was one of the most secure in history” is another great distortion of reality.

There are thousands of signed affidavits and witness testimonies of voting fraud. There were 13 million more votes for Biden than there were eligible voters. 

The Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet, completely violating all security mandates. States violated the Constitution by implementing voting procedures not approved by their own legislatures. 

Observers during the counting of votes were kept too far away to observe and were sent away completely as the counting continued late at night. 

How in the world can you possibly say this was the most secure election? That’s absurd.

You want to really know what sounds Fascist? Words of leftists:

w deserve to be punished as part of deprogramming them for voting for Donald Trump

w there has to be consequences based on how you vote

w Trump-voting Republican merits punishment before they can be allowed to re-enter polite society and have a chance at reconciliation

 w mind-numbed robots who need to be reprogrammed.

By calling others fascists you must not be seeing your own face in the mirror.

Dan Shaw