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To the editor: 

As we near Election Day, it is time for the bare truth. I am told that to give truth, it should be given in love. This must mean to give truth in the least offensive manner. 

If you look at another person and see other than another human being, you are racists. (prejudging) So, there is racism on all sides of the problems facing us now. 

Hatred will not get anything of value done. Real talk and understanding must be the way to better circumstances for everyone. Respect and even love may develop and then we have progress. 

Police are necessary. If everyone cared as much for others as they did for themselves and saw that everyone’s necessities were provided, we would not need “law keepers.” We know the lawless thinking of many groups does not allow us to have the Utopian world. Of course “black lives matters,” so why do groups loot and burn businesses, many owned by black people? Isn’t this totally counter productive? Several groups have been said to really be the force behind this group. 

Medical care for all is the desired goal. Where it works, those countries are not as large as some of our larger states in the U.S. And, someone pays for it even if you think you don’t; and it’s not only “the rich.” Taxes, ether directly or indirectly, that all people pay find these programs. This is not recognized by many groups. 

I understand young people have grown in a country with good health care (when compared with the rest of the world) and have enjoyed the latest smart phones, computers and Wi-Fi capabilities. They believe what they see on these devices. Our illnesses have for the most part had vaccines and known plans for recovery. This pandemic is a totally different situation. We are all learning we must make concessions to keep this virus under control. Masks, social distancing, good hygiene are shown as the best route until we have a vaccine. And, masks do not cause you to have a problem with carbon dioxide or doctors and nurses, who have used them each day for years, would have died by now! And YES, they’re hot. 

If you don’t like people telling you to wear masks, just wait until you are told by the AOC climate control program to buy a new car which does not use carbon emitting substances and to refit your homes with efficient heating, wiring and other things. Think about this as, in some cases, being an exorbitant cost. If you have a home that has been in the family for generations, you will end up practically building a new house. 

So, please don’t believe only the big three news groups. Know there are alternative news programs, which should also be watched and most of them have true, live coverage and not just highly selective snippts of the entire speech, meeting, etc. Also, read from newspapers and magazines. Be open-minded enough to at least listen to views opposed to your thinking. You might really learn something you needed to hear. Only in this way will our November elections be held with intelligent, educated voters trying to see that our country is continuing to be the country “of the people,” not just a special group or political party. 

God bless the land I love, America.

Sandra Rister