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To the editor:

Don’t be so quick to kick Gov. Cuomo to the curb because the allegations he’s facing, the same things the former president was and still is accused of, yet he remained in power four years. It’s on tape where he belittled women, the less fortunate and even the disabled, and to this day has yet to apologize for any of his behavior.

At least the governor has said if he offends anyone he’s sorry. That’s more than P. Trump has done, or will do. I’m a female (Black) and over 70 years old, and I bet you wont have to look far to find any white men (especially over 60) that haven’t at some time in their lives didn’t belittle someone or pulled rank on them. That’s just the way it was back then, but thank God we have evolved past that kind of behavior. I hope even the wives of these men could be seen, but not heard.

Prior to the “Me Too Movement,” women didn’t speak-up, but they’re speaking up now and sometimes maybe too much, because perhaps some may not be telling the truth. By that I mean how often did a woman try to use her body (sex) to get what she wanted. And I believe some men went along with it because they wanted that sex. 

Remember the former president’s word “you can do anything you want to them (women) if you have enough money.” He said that just like he said, “he could go out in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and wouldn’t loose a vote.”

Another thing about our former president, if he really thought he won the election, why did he call a governor and tell him to find him 11,000-plus votes? Where was he supposed to find them if they didn’t exist?

On our races

How do you think we have all these light, bright and near white in our races without whitey’s hand in the cookie jar? I just wonder how many young Blacks were strung-up because they were caught sleeping with a white girl. 

Why they couldn’t have simply been attracted to one another, or they may have felt if master can sleep with the slave girl, why can’t we sleep with the slave boy? 

Back in the day, white Americans would say if there was a drop of Black blood in anyone that made them black. Well, all the blood I’ve seen is red, different types, but red. And, what about a drop of white blood, does that make us white?

F.Y.I. my grandmother was fathered by a white man and two of my aunts. Back in the day there was a saying, “if you’re white, you’re right.” 

Another saying was “money talks.”

Gone are those days too.

About our history

Why were we not informed about good and or positive things in Black people’s lives, like the Henrietta Lacks’ story and some other’s I’ve learned about over time? 

And our races have been connected a long time. What about a president who fathered about five children with a slave girl? Wasn’t that history?

On the shootings

Why is it when these shootings happen the perps’ mental health comes into play?

If they really had a problem, where was the red flag? Someone within his circle should have been aware if he was unstable. I’m a firm believer in one being a product of their environment. 

According to the media, this young man that killed all those people at the grocery store has been in America since age 3. Seems to me that would make him a product of the good-ole, U.S.A. 

So what does that say about us? What kind of home life has he had? Everything he’s been taught or learned has been right here in America. 

Why, when people of color protest, carry signs asking for equality etc. they’re met with guns, night-stick bats and even having tanks, national guard rise-up against them? But, when all those (mostly-white) men went to the capitol, they went there armed to start trouble, to harm or even kill, and that’s exactly what they did. How long are you decent white people going to continue to put up with this type of behavior?

Gracie Meadows