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To the editor: 

The removal of the confederate soldier from in front of the courthouse is on the ballot this November. I wanted to take a moment and share what I think would be a good compromise. 

I for one don’t think the statue should be in front of the courthouse. With this location, the statue is in a place of prominence. It is a way to glorify the Civil War. However, this is not a war we should glorify. 

I have heard arguments from people stating that the removal of the statue is the same as trying to erase our history. I am not for erasing history. We must learn from our history so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. So how do we learn about history? 

We learn by visiting museums, parks and places of education. We are fortunate to have a place of education here in Halifax County, which would be a great place to move the statue. I am talking about the Staunton River Battlefield State Park. This is the best place in the county to go and learn about the history of the Civil War. 

The statue would contribute to this learning opportunity. So rather than glorifying the Civil War, lets learn from it by moving the statue to the Staunton River Battlefield State Park.

Heidi Ward