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To the editor:

I hate to have to write this, but it’s my opinion, concerning the immigrants that are crossing the border.

If our government and president stopped allowing the people that’s dropping their kids at the border so that they can have a better life, if our leaders start to help the leaders of Mexico, keep their people there, then we wouldn’t have to support the families for the next 20 years, which puts a strain on America. Some need to learn English, and who knows what health they are in.

I was brought here by my parents 400 years ago as slaves, and we never got reparations. Trump asked the leaders in Mexico if you need my help with the drug cartel, I will be happy to make your country safe, and they didn’t want help. I guess not because they are sending them here for our tax dollars to pay for them.

The wall was built, and the people in charge were stealing the money. I watch CNN all the time. So I am speaking what I heard.

Trump also told them stop coming because we will separate you from your children. He also warned that there was a caravan of people heading here before they reached the border. So if you know that your child will be separated at the border, why come? I realize that America is where all people want to come. But it’s better to be legal than illegal.

When Obama was president, a small boat of Africans was turned back without food or water. Why must we as Blacks have to be treated like animals?

I am letting America know that it’s not right. The immigrants should be turned around also, until the people in charge can work with their leaders, and take care of their own people.

As Blacks we were beaten, hanged, molested. That’s why we have light brown and mostly are half-white and half-black. We were slave owner’s property. But now they call black and brown. You can’t get brown and yellow without mixing with white.

P.S. I have never been on welfare. I was much too proud.

Mamie Price Jones

South Boston