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To the editor:

My name is minister Shirley Tyree. I have resided in the town of South Boston for 25 years. My late husband has been in Heaven several years now. I do not have any family here close to me, especially siblings.

And lots of friends have placed me by the way side, their choice. I have two friends, one invited me to lunch on Labor Day two years ago, that is the only holiday I have spent with anyone in over a decade.

All of the other holidays I have spent with my Lord and Savior Jesus who lives in me, and with me.

But I am not feeling sad at all. I have the joy of the Lord. He is my happiness, and I would like the opportunity to help others. So much is said people who feel so sad on the holidays. I thank the Lord I rarely feel sad on those special days.

I would like to share with others how to truly deal with loneliness there isn’t any cost for this sharing.

Please send your questions to Min. Shirley Tyree, Minister of Hope for Loneliness, P.O. Box 242, Halifax, VA 24558.

South Boston