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To the editor:

I am a citizen of the U.S have been here all of my life. 

I can’t understand why the U.S. has to save the world meaning hundreds of thousands of Mexicans dropping their young kids and babies for us to raise. 

I watch CNN all the time. I didn’t see one person who was malnourished. They all were clean dressed, not raggedy and dirty. They said they wanted a better life. We all do. Why must our tax dollars go to feeding and keeping them?

One man was asked what was the cost to come here. He said, “$2,500.” So if they are so desperate, where did the money come from? It seems that a lot of them know how to use the system. They think that Biden is an easy touch, so they drop their baby off for us to raise. 

There are sick people everywhere. Instead of helping other counties, go to skid row, and help our homeless. 

I feel sorry for everyone doing bad, but we can’t save the world. 

Pretty soon the USA will need help if we keep this up.

They should be put on a bus or train and turned back. 

They might fool Biden, but not Trump. I think by living in New York, we know a phony when we see one. 

I watched a horrible scene in Kensington, Pennsylvania when our people were sleeping under tents, card boards in a run down area, all were on drugs and needles were being dropped off to them to keep them from using the dirty needles.

Why can’t we find a camp of some kind to put them and try and detox them? That will save a lot of money and clean up our city. 

This might sound as if I don’t care, but I do. Being poor, I knew not to use drugs because I saw others fall by the wayside.

People should never be a follower, but an example to others to keep clean and raise your family so that they can see their way of life. 

There was a time when women were having babies to get a bigger welfare check, but when they were asked where is the daddy, they pretended not to know. Well when they started tracking down the daddy, we see less and less women being pregnant. 

They thought they were slick, but their check got smaller from welfare so they became pregnant less.

Now Biden is sending teachers to the border to help teach kids that are being held there. We can’t keep this up. We must have a cut off period. 

M. D. Price 

Kensington, PA