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To the editor: 

On Saturday, Feb. 13, I received my first Moderna COVID-19 vaccination at the gymnasium at the Mary Bethune complex in Halifax organized by PATHS (Piedmont Access to Health Services). After watching on the news the many scenes of disorganized management of getting vaccines into the arms of people, I was prepared to have an unpleasant experience. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As soon as I walked through the gymnasium doors, friendly staff was there to guide me through the process. I was never confused about where to go or what to do. From walking in and walking out less than an hour later, the process was flawless. In addition, I noticed several acts of kindness by the staff, such as helping people down the gym’s bleachers and making sure an elderly man did not lose his vaccine record card and appointment reminder card with the date for when he was to return for his second shot. The staff member even placed it in his shirt pocket for safekeeping.

Impressed by the entire process, I felt compelled to tell one of the organizers how much I appreciated the hard work that must have gone into distributing the vaccine in such a well-planned manner from start to finish. She responded by telling me that she appreciated hearing it. And it was certainly my pleasure telling her so.

I look forward to getting my second shot in March and have every reason to believe that the experience will be just at pleasant.

Donna Reid