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To the editor:

Does anyone think it’s odd that Larry Clark completely ignores the main topic in my report of the highly irregular 308,000-vote insertion in just one northern Virginia county? Following the orthodoxy of the Democrat Party he spews the spin of a fair election. More than half of the nation believes otherwise.

His greatest deception is his statement, “Numerous challenges and lawsuits were filed and reviewed by state and federal courts including the United States Supreme Court.” 

In reality over 50 cases of voter fraud have been dismissed without evidence ever being presented. Perhaps Larry overlooked the March 10 headline “Supreme Court Dismisses Trump’s Final Election Lawsuit.” 

You would think an educator would know the difference between reviewed and dismissed.

Here’s another headline Larry must have overlooked: “Biden Earned 13 Million More Votes Than the Number of Eligible Voters in 2020 Election.” 

Could this really be overlooked or possibly willful ignorance or maybe just old fashion party discipline? I think I know.

Dan Shaw