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To the editor:

On behalf of the North Halifax VFD and the North Halifax Ladies Auxiliary, we extend our sincere appreciation to all who supported out organization in 2020.

Even though our annual fundraising marathon in September did not offer the normal all-day entertainment and children’s activities, we were able to provide 450 gallons of stew and hundreds carryout chicken and barbecue dinner plates. 

The amount of support received throughout the year, both time and monetary, is overwhelming. We are blessed to live in and serve a wonderful community. Our community spreads far past Republican Gove and for that we are thankful. As we continue to operate during a global pandemic, our organization is doing everything we can to continue to meet the needs of our community. Without your support, that would not be possible. 

In addition to our annual fundraising marathon, we were also able to provide carryout plates for our turkey luncheon and spaghetti luncheon, as well as our annual tree of lights and annual calendars.

May 2021 be a year filled with good health, prosperity, love and kindness. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Cecil Hazelwood


treasurer, North Halifax Ladies Auxiliary