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To the editor:

Finally the old year is a thing of the past. Because it leaves behind a path of uncertainty, people are feeling, “Oh what a relief it is.” A new year has arrived and with it comes new hope and great appreciation. If ever there was a time that we needed change, it is now.

There were a lot of things that happened in 2021 that could affect our country and its people for years to come. One thing is for certain and that is we can’t afford to make the same mistakes over and over. If we do then we won’t be able to move our country forward.  

Hopefully the New Year 2022 will give us the courage to stand up for our country. We don’t need for our country to be ruled by one person or even by a group of people.

We know what could happen if these people pressed too much authority. Our country is already divided enough. That’s why our country has a Constitution. It gives us the right to voice our opinions and defend ourselves. As Americans we cant afford to sit idly by and let those people dictate what we can or can’t do or say. After all, enough is enough. We all need to stand together as one people and one nation under God.

Changes need to come now in order for us to live a better life. The truth of the matter is that we have neglected to keep God in our country and our lives. With out God and faith in Him, our country will not survive.

Some of the changes we need to make are long overdue. First of all our leadership could use a makeover. The promises they made to us were supposed to make America stronger but only caused a downfall. In other words, they’re the reason our country is falling apart at the seams.

Second, everything going on about COVID-19 needs to be known and it should be done truthfully. There are too many untruths being spread about it. For instance, they tell you if you don’t take the vaccine, you might die. Life doesn’t come with a quarantee. Some people that have taken the shot have lost their life just as the ones who don’t take the shot. My belief might not be your belief, and that’s all well and good, but I believe in it. I have a strong faith, and I believe as I always have that if God can’t save me then no amount of medicine or shots will be able to do it. I believe also that everyone’s body is theirs and only they have a say so in what they do.

The third change concerns our homeless people. If our country is the home of the land of milk and honey then why do our people suffer? These people have no place to live, no food to eat, but most of all, they have little or no hope to survive.

Fourth concerns our veterans who are our heroes. They leave their family and their homes to serve our country with honor and pride. When they come home, the sacrifices they made don’t seem to matter. Even our government doesn’t recognize the importance of the job they performed. Our veterans should be more appreciated than they are. These brave men and women are the reason our country is surviving today.

These are just a few of the changes that need to be fixed. No one in America should be homeless; our leadership could definitely use a makeover; the truth should be told always when it comes to a disease that affects us; and our veterans need to be recognized more for their bravery.

These changes won’t come about if we as Americans don’t stand up and fight for then. So friends let your voices be loud and clear.

In closing, I hope that all of us will pray that 2022 will be the year of much needed change. We should also remember that everyone’s life was given to him or her by God. So please don’t let Him down because He won’t ever let us down.

May our hearts be filled with hope, faith, grace and love. Believe in God because He is the only one that can bring these changes to life. With God as our leader we can only move forward. Working together we can bring America back to a good place. Wouldn’t you like to see that happen? I know I would and I will continue to pray that it happens. Will you join me? Happy New Year.

Pat Holt

South Boston