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To the editor:

Former President Donald John Trump will stand trial in the U.S. Senate for incitement and insurgency for the mob attack on the U.S. capitol on Jan. 6. Trump is the first president to be impeached twice.

Trump urged the mob to go to the U.S. Capitol. He said he would march with them. He did not.

The House and the Senate was voting to certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Trump in his attempt to over throw the 2020 Presidential election made various attempts. He filed over 40 lawsuits. They were all thrown out of court. He called the election in Georgia to find him a few thousand votes. The official told him he could not do it. 

Next Trump wanted his vice president Mike Pence to not certify the election. Pence could not do it. 

So Trump sent the mob to the capitol. They broke in. This was a terrorist attack. Tjey ransacked and stole items. They want to make Trump our president

They were asking for the speaker Nancy Pelosi. The mob was for blood. Four people were killed. One was a Capitol police. One victim was a lady who was attempting to break in the capitol. Pipe bomb, Molotov cocktail and weapons were found.

There was no protection, no National Guard, no huge police. 

Thank God it did not get any worse. There was a hangman noose.

All of this is because of Donald Trump’s lies that the election was a fraud and he won. He still has not conceded the election to Joseph R. Biden. Former President Trump should be brought to justice and let chips fall where they may.

John Woody

South Boston