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To the editor:

I left Halifax County Thursday, Aug. 12. I moved to Skipwith. I went to the DMV and had my addressed changed on Aug. 17, like the law requires me to do. I got my permit in the mail on Aug. 25 with my new address of Box 3535 Rocky Mount Road Skipwith VA 23968. 

I began to become dissatisfied with my move. I moved back to 1172 Blane Road Alton VA 24520 on Sept. 20. I waited 15 days to make sure I was going to stay. I went to the DMV in South Boston on Oct. 5 to get my address changed back to 1172 Blane Road Alton VA 24520. The lady at the DMV took my paperwork and asked me if I wanted to renew my permit while I was at it. I said yes. 

On Oct. 27, I got a card from Richmond saying my permit had been sent to Skipwith. That is not where it was supposed to go. She had the correct address on it. It was supposed to have been sent to 1172 Blane Road Alton VA 24520. 

I took the card and went back to the DMV on Oct. 28. She took the card and some other papers and sent them to Richmond. She said if I didn’t get my permit in 10 working days from Oct. 28 for me to come back to the DMV. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, it was 12 working days. I don’t know what is going on. I just know I have done everything the law requires me to do. 

I am diabetic. I am on five life saving meds. They are all almost gone. I need to see a doctor to get them started again. I can’t do that until I get a picture I.D. (permit). 

I’m 85-year-old and I find it harder to cope with things like this. Will someone please tell me what I can do? Thank you. 

Samuel Helton