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To the editor:

I just read about the county’s proposal to move the access road to the dumpster site at Wilson Memorial closer to my house and property. 

This idea solves nothing because the road would still be on someone’s private property. I planted two rows of trees just to hide the dumpsters from my view and now you are proposing to move the road even closer. 

I am 100% against this idea. Why is it okay to move it closer to me and not put it on county owned property just because a board member doesn’t want it near his property? Why is the board showing favoritism to one citizen over another? How is it okay and cost effective to move it there and not where it is supposed to be?

How much taxpayer money has the board wasted in the past few years fighting over the road with the property owners? How much money has been wasted trying to repair a poorly designed road? The county owned land would be straight and almost level and much easier to maintain.

In conversations with friends and neighbors it is very obvious to us that the board is putting the wishes of one person ahead of what is best for all the citizens that use the site. It’s past time to do the right thing and move the road or close the site down and move it elsewhere.

I know the Hansen family is tired of the constant traffic flow right by their back door. It was no big deal when the property was vacant. Now that is a home to them, it is terribly unfair to them. 

I complained when it was first built. The original road was crush run stone and created a dust storm with all the traffic. The county then paved the road. The road has gotten bad enough that it makes dust again in dry weather. My wife has a nodule on one lung, and the dust is not helping that at all. Now you want to move it closer? 

Why can’t the board step up and do the right thing like you were elected to do?

David and Linda Boelte

Vernon Hill