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To the editor:

You know, I used to think that northern Virginia was always last reporting their voting results because it was so highly populated. Republicans were always in the lead until the very end. And you could expect them to always go against the rest of the state’s voting. Now I don’t think that’s the reason at all.

All the reported vote count corruption was in the six battleground states, but it should have included Virginia. The same fraud occurred here as well.

Biden supposedly won our state by 451,000 votes, and Fairfax County alone dumped in 308,000 of unknown origin. Yet nobody is questioning it, including our own Republican representatives Edmunds and Senator Ruff, or our newly elected Good. You haven’t seen this in the papers or on TV. Why is that? Why is no one screaming to high heaven? How many other fraudulent votes were counted in those other northern Virginia counties? Do you remember Hillary only won Virginia by 212,000 in 2016?

Despite all the corruption across all those states no state court, nor the U.S. Supreme Court, has allowed hearing any case involving voter fraud despite clear violations of the Constitution. The voting machines have been proven to be corrupt and connected to the Internet as well - a clear violation.

Do you really think your donations or time you spend campaigning for the Republican Party is worthwhile? Do you think your taking the time and effort to vote is worthwhile?

Over this past year, if you’ve paid attention, you’ve seen the Justice Department is corrupt as well as Congress, the Supreme Court, FBI, CIA, the two political parties and just about everything else.

If the voting corruption isn’t fixed it’s a fruitless waste of your time to vote. Hopefully, you’ll have someone who is not corrupt to vote for.

Dan Shaw