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To the editor:

I have expressed my concerns about the Wilson Memorial dumpster site to the Halifax County Board of Supervisors at one of their meetings and in emails to the members, but it has fallen on deaf ears. Not one of the board members has responded to me.

To the best of my knowledge, it is the only site in the county that is so far off the road. I know the one at White Oak is next to a house but it has shrubbery planted around it. I don’t think any have access roads that go through someone’s back yard 20’ from their back door. It is a real life danger to the five foster children living out there. God have mercy if one of them runs out in front of a truck. Some people don’t even pretend to slow down. I think the oldest of the five is 11 years old. 

I have several questions I think citizens need to ask their board members.

Is there a benefit to the Vernon Hill community in not allowing the access to the green box site to be relocated? If so, please explain.

Why would our board of supervisors allow our tax dollars to be used for the county attorney to fight against what would be in the better interest of the Vernon Hill community?

Bigger question: why would the board back and support Hubert Pannell for his personal interest? 

Shouldn’t he be responsible to hire his own attorney?

The Hansen family even offered to build the road with no expense to the county on land the county owns. He was turned down. It is way past time to get the road moved to county-owned property or move the site to a better location.

If the board members have concerns, they only need to contact Mr. Hansen, and he will be happy to address them. 

Also please explain to him and all citizens how it benefits the community to not fix the situation that has dragged on for years.

David Boelte 

Vernon Hill