To the editor:

This is unacceptable.

We have a leader in Washington who shouts out (tweets out) hate, violence and bigotry toward citizens of our land, particularly those of color; as well as many who have heard of the American Dream and have come here to belong and contribute to our great country… like many before them — including, apparently, someone’s own parents and grandparents, in fact spouse and in-laws.

Then, certain individuals (yes, probably “sick” - didn’t anyone know, that when hate is preached, “sick” people listen?) hear the “leadership” call, then go out to massacre many of God’s own children, having heard [wink-wink] the leader’s, from the heart, true message. [Torch burning Neo-Nazis = “very fine people”]

Hatred is not (should not be) what this country is all about.

I, for one, cannot support, in fact reject, a leader who is showing his real aim… “To Make America Hate Again.”

Please join me in speaking out against this outrage. 

Won’t true and honest Americans, of any political affiliation, or none, stand up and speak out for what is right.

This is not politics but common decency and Christian “love thy neighbor…” values.

Bill Brewer

South Boston

Retired teacher

Parent, grandparent



P.S. I just read the front page of Monday’s paper.

“There’s greatness in every one of you!”

Let us hope and pray that a “sick” individual, hyped up on Washington hate doesn’t make a special trip and bring a gun to Halifax like one just did to El Paso. Those parents and children on the front page, above the fold on the Monday, Aug. 5, edition of The Gazette-Virginian may not look like him or her.