To the editor:

President Donald Trump continues to disappoint me and most of the people in the USA. He continues to spread hate and racism. He has no respect for anyone who does not agree with him. 

Trump has colluded with Russia when he was elected. Trump had several secrets with Vladimir Putin, the head of the Russian government. He and his family have violated the emoluments clause by doing business with foreign countries. 

Trump continues to support racial hate groups. He has no respect for many people and foreigners here in the USA. Many people are surprised at many outrageous things Trump does. President Trump does not know about being President of the USA. He doesn’t act presidential. 

There are two ways to remove the president. One is impeachment, which the Democrats should have done long ago. The other is to declare him unfit to be president. 

Your character and way one treats people is most important about anyone. 

During the last presidential election, there were approximately 13 candidates running for President of the USA. Any one of those candidates would have been better than Donald J. Trump. He continues to insult everybody, many of our foreign leaders and many people in the USA.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen many presidents, and as far as their character is concerned, the current president has the worst attitude I have ever seen. 

He is unfit to be President of the United States of America.

John Woody

South Boston